Warranty Terms

Warranty on Electric Items

Covered in Warranty :

  1. Warranty is non-transferrable and extended only to the first end user customer. 
  2. Warranty is valid only when the original purchase invoice is presented at the time of service. 
  3. Warranty will cover only functional parts having manufacturing defects and does not cover damages resulting from unauthorized adaptations/ adjustments/ tampering of the product, improper installation of the product, normal wear and tear caused due to use of product. 

Not Covered in Warranty :

  1. Warranty does not cover damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer; normal wear and tear caused due to use of product. 
  2. Warranty does not cover any external accessories to the product (such as battery, cable, carrying bag etc.)
  3. Heating Rods, Heater Elements are not covered in warranty
  4. In Bulbs , Conceal lights and Tubeligths only These manufacturering Defects are covered  a. Slow glowing, on-off issue, not glowing due to manufacturering defect . Any defect, burn, break or body crack which is caused due to high voltage above 400 V is not covered in warranty. For better protection please always us automatic stabliser with cutoff protection.
  5. Switches comes with 5 yr manufacturering defects only . lock break, switch melting, not covered in warranty
  6. All plastic, rubber, glass, or aesthetic parts and consumable replacements will be on a chargeable basis.
  7. All transportation & handling expenses incurred while replacing or repairing will be payable by the Customer.

Warranty shall be voids if:

 a) The type or serial no. On the product has been altered, removed or defaced. 

 b) The product is not operated as per the instructions given in the User Guide, if any.