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HDMI cable 1.5 Meter white
Ultra-high-speed HDMI Cable for Seamless Connectivity - 1.5 meter

Ultra-high-speed HDMI Cable for Seamless Connectivity - 1.5 meter

Elite HDMI Cable for your Digital World -

Enhance your home entertainment system with our elite HDMI Cable. This top-notch cable offers the highest video resolution and ensures premium audio quality. From gaming consoles to home theaters, our HDMI Cable is the perfect accessory for all HDMI compatible devices. Experience the ultimate digital connectivity with superior data transmission. So, don't wait! Elevate your digital experience with this fantastic HDMI Cable today!

Product Features:

  • Flat HDMI to HDMI Cable
  • Length : 1.5 Meter
  • Version : 1.4
  • Ultra High Speed
  • Premium Quality
  • Fully Tested Quality Product
  • excellent audio-visual transfer properties that deliver signal without compromising purity and balance

Where we need to Use A HDMI Cable :

There are five different types of HDMI connector - Type A, B, C, D, and E. The most commonly used connector is Type A (standard) which is 13.9 mm × 4.45 mm, and has 19 pins. The various use of Type A Connector HDMI Cable are listed below.

1. Watching Movies from a Laptop/ computer on your TV

The most popular use of an HDMI cable is to watch video contents like movies, you tube videos from your Laptop or pc on your TV to take the advantage of large TV screen

2. you can connect a  HDMI compatiable Soundbar to your Television for better sound

3. Connecting a Streaming Box to your TV

many online Services like Netflix, Apple TV and Prime Video, are gaining more popularity for entertainment. All of which use the HDMI interface to connect to one's existing TV.

4. Connecting a CCTV DVR unit  to your TV

Today CCTV recording units have HDMI ports that can be connected to your TV with the help of HDMI cable




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HDMI to VGA Adapter for Enhanced Display Experience

HDMI to VGA Adapter for Enhanced Display Experience

When it comes to reliable and efficient connectivity solutions, the HDMI to VGA adapter stands out as a go-to option for seamless integration between different devices. This professional-grade adapter effortlessly converts HDMI signals to VGA, ensuring crystal-clear video resolutions and high-quality audio output. With its sleek and compact design, this adapter is easy to carry and install, making it ideal for presentations, conferences, and office use. In addition to its exceptional performance, a noteworthy highlight of this HDMI to VGA adapter is the added benefit of free shipping, allowing customers to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you're a business professional, educator, or simply looking to expand your entertainment options, this HDMI to VGA adapter delivers on its promise of quick and reliable connectivity, providing the perfect blend of professionalism and convenience.

Product Features:

  • This HDMI to VGA adapter used to connect a computer, desktop, laptop, or other devices with HDMI port to a monitor, projector, HDTV, or other devices with VGA port.
  • This is a unidirectional device means it works from HDMI to VGA, but does not work in reverse direction . It means your source should be HDMI and destination should be VGA, no audio output.
  • this gadget can be used to do a business presentation with your laptop and projector, or extend your desktop screen to a monitor or TV; A VGA cable is required.
  • supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 60Hz (1080p Full HD) including 720p, 1600x1200, 1280x1024 for high definition monitors.

** GSTIN Invoice available for Business buyer, Put your GSTIN number in Remarks while placing order

HDMI to VGA Adapter for Enhanced Display Experience


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1.5 Meter / 4.5 feet Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable  1.5 Meter
HDMI Cable 1.5 Meter | hdmi to hdmi cable for Laptop to TV Connection

Seamless Streaming and Crystal-Clear Quality: Unleashing the Power of HDMI Cables

The 1.5 Meter HDMI Cable is a high-quality, reliable accessory that ensures seamless audio and video transmission between HDMI-compatible devices. Designed with male to male connectors, this cable offers hassle-free connectivity for your home entertainment systems, gaming consoles, projectors, and more. Experience exceptional picture and sound quality with this durable and versatile HDMI to HDMI cable, making it a must-have for your audio-visual setup.

Product Features:

  • Cable constructed using the high quality material for best contact connection between HDMI equipment.
  • Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality.
  • Transfer Digital Audio and Video signals at warp speed of 5 Gigabytes per second!.
  • connectors for highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosion. Large gauge PVC jacket provides maximum shielding against wear and tear and extreme temperatures
  • A premium quality HDMI-HDMI cable suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater, and business class projector based applications. A superb cable with excellent audio-visual transfer properties that deliver signal without compromising purity and balance.Digital video doesn't get any better than this!

** GSTIN Invoice available for Business buyer, Put your GSTIN number in Remarks while placing order

1.5 Meter HDMI Cable


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HDMI Coupler/ Joiner
HDMI Coupler / Joiner (gold plated) for connecting Two HDMI Cable
HDMI Extender/ Joiner Female to Female
for  Joining or extending two HDMI Cables

This HDMI Female to HDMI Female Adapter will allow you to couple 2 HDMI male cables together for longer runs or convert your HDMI male cable to a female connector! Just plug standard HDMI cables into either end and you then have a longer cable! It's that simple!

Converter / Adapter Features:


  • High quality Gold Plated Connectors.
  • HDMI Female to HDMI Female
  • Perfect for connecting two (2) HDMI male cables together
  • Compatible with all 19 pin HDMI male Cables, supports HDCP
  • Product Requirements: HDMI Male cable
  • There is limits also if you wish to extend the cable beyond 15 meter then  you will need to use a HDMI repeater

Package included:


  • 1 x HDMI F to HDMI F Cable Adapter Connector
* (Excluding 18% GST)
Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female Converter Adapter For HDTV

Micro HDMI Male To HDMI Female Adapter Gold Plated Type A To D connector



  • 100% Brand New and High Quality

  • Compact size, easy to carry.

  • Connector: Micro HDMI (Type D) Male to HDMI (Type A) Female.

  • Suggested Applications: MP4, Digital Cameras, Camcorder, Mobile phone with Micro HDMI Connectors

  • Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p,1440P resolution


Package Contents


  • 1x Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter

* (Excluding 18% GST)
Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female convertor
Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female convertor


  • Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female
  • Gold plated connectors for flawless signal transference
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
* (Excluding 18% GST)
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